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SPC IP Court Concluded Over 4,000 Cases in Past Two Years

Release time:2021-01-11 16:04:28

Since its establishment on Jan 1, 2019, the Intellectual Property Court of the Supreme People's Court has accepted 5,104 cases, with 4,124 of them concluded, according to the Court's Open Day event held on Dec 24.

The Court is a standing judicial organ of the Supreme People's Court located in Beijing, which primarily hears civil and administrative cases on appeal over patent, anti-trust and other technology-related IP disputes throughout the country.

Deputies to  the National People's Congress, experts, scholars, and media representatives were invited to the event.

The Court has established a "Database of Technical Investigation Talents for Chinese Courts" and a nationwide "Technical Investigation Resource Sharing Mechanism", to further unify the judicial criteria and improve trial efficiency and quality.

So far, the database includes more than 360 technical investigators with over 30 technological fields of backgrounds. Their participation in trials has relieved the Court's stress arising out of difficult technical investigation.

In the past two years, the Court has released a group of benchmark cases in high-technology such as medicine, telecommunication, animal gene, network cable, large machinery, smart input method, computer software, etc.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the Court has also strengthened trials related to the pandemic. Meanwhile, it has accelerated drafting of judicial interpretations of new plant varieties, and making research on antitrust, drug patent linkage, punitive damages of patent infringement, intellectual property protection of traditional Chinese medicines, etc.

The Court highly values international cooperation in field of intellectual property rights, and has played an active role in improving cross-border judicial cooperation.

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