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Chief Justice of China Calls for Higher Standard in Judicial Protection of IP

Release time:2020-12-09 16:13:50

Chief Justice Zhou Qiang, President of the Supreme People's Court of China (SPC), called for Chinese courts at various levels to strengthen judicial protection on intellectual property right (IPR) and give full play to their adjudication function so as to provide effective judicial service and safeguards for implementing the innovation-driven development strategy, building a high-tech power as well as building a modernized China.

President Zhou gave the above-said remarks right before the National Court Symposium on Intellectual Property Adjudication held on November 12 in Guangzhou.

President Zhou said that Intellectual Property adjudication bears the responsibility of protecting IP rights, innovation, creativity and fair competition.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), Chinese courts have been constantly serving the overall interests of the nation, administrating justice for the people and maintaining judicial fairness. They gave full play to its function in trial of IP cases, heard a good number of major IP cases, and deepened judicial reforms in this regard. They made remarkable contribution to the improvement of Chinese courts' credibility and international influence in judicial protection of IP.

Upholding the central role of innovation in modernization drive and implementing the innovation-driven development strategy, as two important measures, have been highlighted at the fifth plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, said President Zhou. These measures also brought about a pivotal opportunity for IP case trial system as well as new challenges on the same.

President Zhou also called for the Chinese courts to firmly implement the new development concept, closely follow the theme of promoting high-quality development, focus on speeding up the formation of a new development pattern, and strengthen judicial protection of IP.

More efforts should be made to strengthen the judicial protection of IP in the emerging industries, major economic areas and key technologies so as to cultivate a sound rule-of-law environment for businesses to grow their innovation capability, and to improve the innovation systems and mechanisms, said President Zhou.

Through reform and innovation, Chinese courts should improve their IP litigation system, quicken smart court construction, and speed up the modernization of IP litigation system plus trial capability. At the same time, international judicial communication and cooperation in this regard should also be strengthened to constantly improve China's global influence in judicial protection of IP and cultivate China into an important hub for international IP disputes resolution, said President Zhou.

President Zhou also added that a loyal, clean and responsible IP trial team shall be cultivated to ensure justice in court system.

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