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Notice of attendance application

Release time:2019-03-26 09:35:06 source:The Intellectual Property Court

The Intellectual Property Court of the Supreme People's Court will open its first trial on March 27, 2019. The case is a dispute over a patent for invention between appellants XIAMEN LUKASI CAR ACCESSORIES CO., LTD and XIAMEN FUKE CAR ACCESSORIES CO., LTD, and the appellee VALEO SYSTEMES D'ESSUYAGE and the defendant of the original trial Chen Shaoqiang.

People who would like to attend the trial may apply online. Requirements for the attendees, application procedures and other items are as follows:

1.Application requirements

Citizens of the People's Republic of China aged 18 or above with full civil capacity and foreigners holding a valid ID certificate such as a passport are all eligible to apply for the attendance of the trial, except the following persons:

(1) Juveniles without the approval of the court;

(2) People with mental disorders and the drunken person;

(3) Other people who are not suitable for attendance in the discretion of the court.

2.Application of the attendance:

Applicants should send an email to, specifying their real name, address, work unit, contact and other valid information and attaching scanned files of their ID certificate (ID card or passport).

Emails may be sent until: 12 pm, March 26, 2019

3.Selection of the attendees:

The SPC's Intellectual Property Court will select the attendees of the trial randomly from eligible applicants considering the applications and the trial site. Only those selected will receive a confirmation notice from the court.

4.Attending the trial:

The selected attendees should arrive at the SPC's Intellectual Property Court before 8:30 am and register at the litigation center to obtain an attendance card.

Address of the litigation center: Floor 1, Building No 3, Courtyard No 2, Motor Museum East Road (Qichebowuguan Donglu Road), Fengtai district, Beijing.

5.During the trial, attendees must follow these rules:

(1)Recording by voice, filming or taking photographs is not allowed;

(2)Attendees are not allowed to wander court facilities or the trial zone;

(3)No statements are permissible;

(4)No applause, shouting, or other acts that may hinder the trial are permissible.

The Intellectual Property Court of the Supreme People's Court

March 25, 2019

Responsible editor:IPC