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SPC Vice President Urges Enhancing IPR Judicial Protection by Deepening Reform, Innovation

Release time:2021-09-24 21:42:57

Justice HE Rong, Executive Vice President of the Supreme People's Court of China (SPC), stressed strengthening the judicial protection of intellectual property rights (IPR) by deepening reform and innovation in trials of IPR-related cases.

Vice President HE attended a symposium organized by the SPC on fostering judicial protection of IPR and listened to suggestions for improving the construction of IPR-related litigation and trial institutes, enhancing the IPR judicial protection mechanism, and cultivating judicial talent teams. Deputies to the National People's Congress and officials from related government departments offered their proposals at the meeting.

She said the court will study the current situation and suggestions and value the implementation of related reforms in order to bring suggestions raised at the symposium into actual effect.

She pointed out that strengthening IPR protection is the most important way to improve the property rights protection system and the greatest incentive to improve China's economic competitiveness.

The court should effectively improve IPR judicial protection of key technologies, emerging industries, major sectors and seed industries in order to serve high-level self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology.

She stated that the court should attach importance to anti-monopoly and anti-unfair competition efforts and make judicial interpretations on anti-unfair competition as soon as possible, as well as release typical cases in a timely manner, clarify rules for trade and determination of action boundaries, and promote the standardized and orderly development of various kinds of market entities, particularly platform enterprises, based on law.

She added that the court should actively participate in global IPR governance, deepen international exchanges and cooperation, equally protect the legitimate rights and interests of both Chinese and foreign rights holders in accordance with the law, and promote the discourse and influence of Chinese courts in the field of international IPR governance.

She stressed the need to deeply understand new requirements for deepening reform and innovation in IPR adjudication in the "new era and new journey", summarize the work efficacy of the SPC's Intellectual Property Court and improve the litigation mechanism for IPR-related cases at the national level. The court should push forward reforms of organizational structure and functions, management patterns and responses to the public's judicial demands, optimize the IPR litigation system, complete the diversified technical fact inspection mechanism, and promote trial modes that can improve trial quality, efficiency and judicial credibility.

It's also important to improve the connection between administrative enforcement and the judicial system and build a professional team of judges who have rich knowledge of both law and technology as well as an international vision, He said.

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